Digital Masters Academy - Confirmation

Following our recent contact, please secure your enrollment in the 2017-2018 DMA edition by simply filling in this confirmation form. It will take you 2 minutes.

As the internship is an important element of the DMA program, your commitment will guarantee that the DMA Graduate(s) can successfully complete the program.

Once we have registered your DMA confirmation, we will contact you to qualify the project in more details to understand your specific needs and identify the perfect match.


The pricing for our service can vary between 180 and 300 EUR per day/DMA-Graduate depending on the requirements. The requirements will be defined in the Project Qualification and the pricing will be confirmed in the DMA contract. If no DMA Graduate is selected by the client, no cost will be charged. Only when the contract is signed and the DMA Graduate is selected and confirmed, the service will be charged at the agreed pricing.

Availability & work regime

DMA Graduates are available as from February 2018. Depending on their courses they are available as from 1 day/week up to a full time enrollment. A DMA Project can last from 2 up to 4 months. There is always a possibility to extend the project in consultation with the involved parties subject to commercial agreements.